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Troubleshooting for Magic Box

Issue: “No signal” displayed on TV after Magic Box device is connected

  • Check the selected source of TV for HDMI.
  • Check HDMI cable is properly inserted in connector.
  • Check adaptor is powered ON and Magic Box device.
  • If the TV Display does not turn ON, then turn OFF and turn ON the power supply of Magic Box.

Issue: “Delayed response” to commands from Remote control / Magic Wand models / Wireless mouse / Keyboard, connected to Magic Box device

  • Close multiple active applications running in background
    • Long press the home button of remote-control unit (in Remote cursor OFF mode) to view multiple active applications.
  • Clean the RAM and ROM memory of Magic Box device (Recommended every 7 days) using the pre-installed Auto RAM cleaner / substitute Application.
  • Uninstall applications not used for long time. Periodic updates affect response time
  • Check Internet Speed. Application performance impacted if speed is slower than required, as per channel content resolution.

Issue: “Display is out of frame”

  • Magic boxes have auto adjustment feature as per TV screen resolution. It also has manual feature for certain TV sets not supporting auto adjustment.
  • Adjust TV aspect ratio as per requirement.

Issue: “Internet not connected / No Internet” displayed on opening an application

  • Check Wi-Fi connection is active (SSID and Password).
  • Check the date and time setting in Magic Box. Must be set to current date and time, for internet to work.
  • Check Internet connection from Local ISP / Mobile operator.

Issue: “Remote not working”

  • Check whether the remote batteries have discharged. Replace.
  • Check the battery polarity inserted in the remote.